Artist Statement




           I paint very organically.  The image changes constantly, but I always work toward a final “picture” in mind.  I start, oddly enough, with the title, and then work the painting until it matches the words.  The title is key.  I like the quirkiness of a literary origin.   I listen to random conversations and discussions and grab sound bites that reflect what is contemporary.  


           I have tried to become looser in my approach to painting.  The more one paints, the looser one becomes, i.e., more intuitive, more spontaneous.   My preferred medium is acrylic, which dries quickly and allows for changing variations.


              I have explored many genres (figurative, abstract, mindscapes, stonescapes, florals, my travels). Happily, I always return to current experiences of the moment.  These explorations keep those happenings vivid and present.  A recent painting trip to Boca de Tomatlan has led to 8 new paintings inspired by the festive spirit of Mexico.



          I’m happy that you’ve visited my website.  I appreciate your feedback. 


Hazel Harris


e-mail:  hazelharris@shaw.ca

web:  www.hazelharrisgoestoparis.com


p.s.   My paintings have been sealed with 2 coats of a shiny clear medium for preservation against the environment.  Each painting is on a back-wrapped, deep-framed exhibition canvas.  The 2” canvas sides are painted with a double coat of a contrasting colour to enhance the image.  Further framing is up to the discretion of the purchaser.  My personal preference is a front-loading frame.  (Just saying.)  Signature, titling and hanging wires are, of course, in place for each picture.


         Pricing is entirely based on canvas size:


         18"  x  24"            $500.00

         24"  x  24"            $600.00

         30"  x  30"            $850.00

         30"  x  36"            $875.00

         36"  x  36"            $900.00




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